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Live ease grand ( LEG )

Life Skill Coaching and
Life Healing Therapy And Counselling Sessions

Sahas consulting grand (SG)

Start up Business Guidance &Entrepreneur Training
Cs /Ca/ISO/IT Facilitation

Choice from wide-ranging of grand courses

Live Ease Grand(LEG)

Rahasya talk with live ease grand

Everyone want someone to listen everyone need to share their concern dirty side and take directions. Every one need healing solutions but who that some one would be 🤔 there fore I am here as your Rahasya Mithran share all your dirty side of relationship issue be it family /official/personal  Have  partnership with ease  grand counselors are  here to help you and  support with directions. 


Pratiraksha Pranaalee

“Pratiraksha Pranaalee”mean raising Self Immunity power  against disease,virus,external pollutants. This Program is a weekly training Program focused to Increase the Immune System . Which is carefully designed and divided into Life coaching session ,Therapy & mediation Training  Sessions.

Sahas Consulting Grand(SCG)

SAHAS business consulting provides Business Startup Guidance – for those who are novice in the business field,  Entrepreneur training and Provide Guidance and Support in Getting Standard Certificate Like ISO, MSME Certificates etc.

IT (Information Technology ) Services of SAHAS Involves  SAS (Software as a Solutions) / HAS (Hardware as a Solutions) / Cloud etc Based Solutions and all type of Digital Marketing Solutions.

Pesha Sakthi

Pesha Sakthi – Means Professional Strength .This is a training program which enables you discover how you can be calm, clear, and able to make confident decisions, allowing yourself to become more productive. And You get Guidance regarding your professional skill development and how to go ahead in your profession path. Enroll Now and Master how you can create a abundant mindset which helps  to grow in your professional life and reap rewards.

Expert Voice Talk Show

In today’s tech driven world, it’s quite feasible to a void a voice conversation with another human being unless it’s in person and even then, conversation is often optional or limited as people are busy clicking away on their electronic devices.

We welcomed and involved technology with the introduction of email followed by texting. As a result, we often avoid face to face or  phone conversations,  whether for business or pleasure. We can now handle a good share of our communication with our fingers rather than with our voices. Is this a problem you may ask yourself?

The answer is yes, it can be especially if the majority of your conversations are the electronic kind of course it’s convenient and quick, but have we lost the art of communication?


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Prerana aur Prerana

“Prerana aur Prerana” is an motivational and inspirational  talk show hosted by host devi seshadri  with experts about various  subjects.

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