Devi Sheshadri

Mentor, Life Skill Coach, Consultant.

Devi has helped people with her knowledge of experience on business human relationships, values, etc. making the experience exciting, Extreme and stable, so people may live the Amazing life. Devi leads and coaches with a passion to see her clients transformed to use their true potential in all areas of life, her seminars are full of breakthroughs for the client who has learned to take charge of their life. Devi breaks up her corporate employment at the age of 40, Devi starts communicates with people all the secrets of leading a life that is nourishing, successful, and meaningful. She starts explains about life balance being working in corporate life & woman challenges as an expert entrepreneur, is regularly called upon for her expert teaching which revolves around five areas vision Hunt, Starvation, Motivation, and Harvest. She undergoes various coaches and learned the various types of the technic of balance in life which sought-after speaker and has helped people across the nation. Devi’s effort has squeezed the individual’s lives. She urges everyone to ask themselves a question, what is the real meaning of their being and what would it take for one to really transfer their life from average to amazing. She believes that people do not fail. It is their situations that lead to their failure. If one can change their environments using the right strategies then one can make success.


Devi's Expertise

Devi Sheshadri has Mastered MBA in  Business administration and marketing management from  IIBS (Indian Institute of Business Management School). She is Certified  Life Coach from USA Carlton Advanced Management Institute IAF , Mentor Certified from BYST Guild – London UK and Certified Therapist &  Counselor in Ushi shiki Ryoro Reiki.

She has Professional Experience of 22++++ years in Information Technology Infrastructure solutions Consulting, Sales and Marketing. And Since last 5 Years She is Mentor in BYST.And also Devi works as Consultant for Psychological issues.  & as Therapist who suggests alternative medicine using reiki methods.


Mentorship & Guidance

We all need support at various times in our life. Our friends and family can be great support. However for various reasons you may not have any friends or family that you can ask for support, or they may be part of what you are struggling with. In all cases having an external person who is solely there to support you with proven counselling strategies

Counselling | Life Coach
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