Devi Sheshadri

Devi Sheshadri is a mentor, life skill coach and consultant. She has been an immense help to people in their business, relationships, life and other values. She has helped many people lead an amazing life by having an exciting journey to self-realization. She had helped people see their true potential and discover themselves. She started out in this harmonious journey by communicating with people and listening to their way of life and how lost they felt. She then began to explain to them the art of living life to the full potential and having the proper balance between life and work. As a life coach, her teachings revolve around five areas of Vision, Hunt, Starvation, Motivation and Harvest. She is now a leading entrepreneur who coaches several people and has transformed their lives into a beautifully balanced ones. Devi Sheshadri’s efforts have transformed the lives of many for the better by making people realize that by changing their surroundings, they can change their life from average to incredible.

Devi’s expertise:

She has a professional experience of over 22 years in IT infrastructure, Sales, Consulting and Marketing. For the last 5 years she has been a mentor at BYST. She works as a consultant and coach for psychological issues and as a therapist through the reiki method.

CTC Seminar and Workshop

Everyone requires guidance and support at one point in life. Friends and family members can be great help during those moments but, often one requires the touch of a professional who is adapt at providing support with provence mentoring strategies.

Academic Education

    • B.E Electronics And Communication Engineering From Anna University

    • MBA Business Administration & Marketing Management From IIBMS – Indian Institute of Business Management School


    • Certified Therapist & Counselor – Ushi Shiki Ryoro – REIKI, Japan

    • Life Coach – Certified USA Carlton Advanced Management Institute IAF

    • Certified Mentor – BYST Guilds – London, UK


    • World Record Holder- Elite World Record

    • World Record Holder- Asian Records Academy

    • World Record Holder- Indian Records Academy

    • World Record Holder- Tamilian Book of Recordd

Languages She Speaks

    • English
    • Tamil
    • Hindi
    • Telugu