Live Ease Grands

At LiveEase we harness Reiki which is a healing technique that restores the hormonal and physical well-being of the human body. This method works in accordance with the energy fields that surround the body and transfers the universal energy to the patient. Reiki comes from the Japanese word which means “Life Energy”. Energy blocks can occur in the body where there are any emotional pain or physical injuries. By helping the flow of energy and removing the energy blocks, one can feel relaxation, speed healing, and reduction of other illness. Reiki therapy aims to remedy any disruptions in the body, both mentally and physically.

The Live Ease Grands offers to

Improve all your relationships
Enhance concentration and focus
Increase in productivity
Induce inner peace

How It Works?

The Reiki treatment works in such a way that the practitioner will place their hands just above the place of disruption and will help guide the flow of universal energy into your body to promote healing and balance. Here you will learn,
• The use and history of Reiki
• How to use Reiki on others
• How to tap the universal energy and use it on oneself

Live Ease Grants For?

Reiki is suitable for a variety of emotional and physical health benefits that include improved mood, better sleep, and pain relief. Reiki mainly benefits people who are suffering from insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress and pain.

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